ROV Hull Joint Tool

DougROV, Steel Boat

You’re only as dumb as the smartest person in the room.   And the internet makes for a really big room.   Yes, you have filter out some trolls, and inflated egos,  but what is left is a great cross section of humanity and experiences.   There is definitely a need to make presenting an idea safe as there is … Read More

ROV Wiring, Sewing, and Trucking

DougROV, Steel Boat

This ROV is going to be a remarkable tool for Seeker and anyone else looking to explorer beneath the waves. It’s not just another ROV with lights, cameras, and thrusters. This ROV as side scan and forward scanning sonar and can go to 3000 ft! ROV Overview  

Lights, Cameras, Stitch.

DougROV, Steel Boat

It’s lovely being back to work on the ROV and enjoying the air conditioning in the shop.  Bart has reworked the LED light section so we can easily route the wires through it.  I have the aft camera installed and more of the wiring harness and Betsy has been working out our sail plan and sharpening her sail sewing skills … Read More

Gears, Capstan, Decking and more

DougLathe & Machining, Steel Boat, Winches

I’ve been listening to “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” lately, ….actually I’m on the second time through it.  There will likely be many more times.  Habit #1 is be proactive.   In short:  Work.  Work on the things you can work on today.  Do something every day to make your goal happen.  Make work your habit.  I suggest … Read More

Sailmaking: Cotton or Polyester? – Boating tips for begginers

BetsySails, Steel Boat

As the time counts down until we hit the water, it’s time to start working on the sails.      It’s a massive undertaking even for someone who has an above average ability for sewing and stitchery.   But despite my public school 7th grade Home Ec course, this is far and beyond the first pillowcase my grandmother taught me to sew … Read More

Capstan Progress

DougSteel Boat, Winches

Many thanks to Cody Allan Rydell who spent a last weekend cutting gears and a day at the lathe. The bore is over 7 1/2 inches and had to be cut back almost a 1/4″. A huge job for our Grizzly lathe. Lots of chatter and heat with our 1″ boring bar and to top it off, this capstan did the strangest thing. … Read More

Gangway and Sail Winch

DougGangway, Steel Boat, Winches

We could not be happier with the gangway and catwalk.   The summer heat is here so we will be moving inside the shop to complete work on the ROV.   We’ll need an outboard to replace our dead Suzuki 150 on the boat before we can test the ROV at the lake.   Please drop us a line if … Read More

Portlights and Gangway

DougGangway, Steel Boat

One of our visitors asked me the other day if my friends thought I was crazy for building this boat.  I told her “No.  Those people are not friends.”   Friends are the people who support your dreams. Avoid the others.  You don’t want worry, fear, doubt and pessimism around.  Amazing people, will be drawn to amazing projects, and Seeker has some … Read More

The Gangway is ready!

DougGangway, Steel Boat

Many thanks to everyone that worked on this one.  And there where a lot of hands involved in this one.  Dan, Andrew, Craig, Bart, Ron, Tony, Jack, and a few more I am likely forgetting.  And this also is our last weekend working outside.   The ROV is front and center and will hopefully be in the water by September. … Read More