Safety Third

DougSteel Boat

 For all those thinking about helping on the boat. I want to share a warning from a concerned YouTuber. Farlig66: “… You may well not give a fuck about what I think about your choices but I’m gonna tell you anyway for the greater good: Your attitude of “your safety is your responsibility not mine” is a big fucking mistake … Read More

Porthole Frames, Plasma Cutting and Light Painting

DougPortholes, Steel Boat

I would like to say thank you for all of the support we are receiving.  It may take a leap of faith to start something like this and to open it up to everybody on the internet, but it is working better than I ever expected.   Yes, there are some shallow thinkers out there, but the overwhelming majority comments … Read More

Porthole Frames — Welding Grinding and Fancy Photography

DougPortholes, Steel Boat

If there is a certification for grinding then Jakob could pass with his eyes closed.  With his and Jacks help we got all ten porthole frames welded together and ground.  The next step is to bolt the porthole rings on and weld the nuts onto the frame.  So should the nuts and bolts be steel (39 cents each), stainless ($1.50 … Read More