LED’s quickly made their way into the deep sea and replacing the commonly used halogen lights. Now they are dropping in price and increasing in efficient.

12V, .89W, 87 lum, Lum/Watt: 110
Cost $12, $/Lum 0.12    2015

In 12V, 10A. Out 36V, 3A, 10,000 lum,
83.3 Lum/Watt Cost $84, $/Lum: 0.0084
>80CRI, Color 6000K  2015

In 2105 we were paying $12 for a 87 Lum LED and $85 for a 10,0000 Lum. That’s actually about 8,000 Lum as it’s out of China and likely a “C” rated product.

Today we the 10,000 Lum LED is $5 and the driver for it is $6

Feb 2017:

A Selwyn, one of our viewers shows how we can even add a dimmer.