Steel Sailboat Building – Catwalk, Lead, Rudder, and Dragon

DougCasting, Catwalks, Foam Sculpture, Rudder, Steel Boat

About LEAD — Comments about how DEADLY lead is will be ignored. Seeker is about assessing facts and making our choices. Rational Precautions for Working with Lead — It is most dangerous to the developing brain, so women who may become pregnant and children are the most susceptible. — Transfer is commonly through dust ingestion. So have no food or … Read More

Casting, Rudder, Hatches and other

DougCasting, Hatches, Rudder, Steel Boat

The engine room hatch has a gasket. A second deadlight is cast. The rudder quadrant now has put out dowel pins as several of you suggested. Thank you! The chain to cable connectors are done for the chain and cable steering system. And you get to see me continue to fail to patch a hole in a keel. 🙂 Many … Read More

Rudder, Hatch, ROV and other

DougHatches, ROV, Rudder, Steel Boat

I had a great Thanksgiving vacation with an old salt. Dave spent his time steering a destroyer and gave me an ear full of advice. Much of it was actually useful. 🙂 And we got several projects moved down the trail.