Bow Roller, Rudder, Deck Crane and more

DougBow Roller, Steel Boat

   A lot got done this past week.  “DC” and I finished out his week by figuring out a design for working the anchors on and off the boat, including a bow roller, chain stopper, and a possible redesign on the winch that will make it easy to switch out a capstan for a spool of steel cable.   Then … Read More

A visit to SV Seeker & Future Plans

DougSteel Boat

How about sailing a Chinese Junk to the South Pacific and investigating the naval battlefields of World War II?   It sounds to me like the perfect job for Seeker.  And our friend and crew member Nick is doing all the leg work.  Check out his YouTube channels:  Renegade Show  and Sailing Through History and here more about our plans in … Read More

Cabin Floors and Decks

DougSteel Boat

Many thanks to “DC”,  Paul Hatch, Richard Day, Bart, and Betsy and all of you.  Please stop sending extension cords and locking plugs.  🙂   We feel the love and absolutely appreciate your support. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you!   Working beside Seeker crew has been the greatest gift I have.   Betsy’s got a new ankle for Christmas and … Read More

Engine Room Sole and Mainmast Step

DougSteel Boat

  We had another very good weekend.  Not too cold yet, and lots of good help from locals, Jason, Bart, and Paul, as well as Doug Fox from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, who normally is engineering electronics for a nuclear power plant.   It’s always fun to rub elbows with some of the really smart young people out there.  It give … Read More

Foremast & Sole & Deck Hatch & CNC Routing

DougSteel Boat

 I tell ya.  I have to make all the tough decisions around here.  Chris can figure out the CNC machine and the best way to clamp down the deck tiles, and Betsy figures out how to run the web site and online store.  Everybody else gets to do all the welding.  But me?   I have to decide which photo … Read More

Engine Room and Other Boat Work

DougSteel Boat

This past Thursday was Thanksgiving Day.   I wish we had more holidays like it.  I have a few suggestions:  Forgiveness Day, Compassion Day,  Be Happy Day,  Hug Day, Own Your Own Shit Day,  and Show Me Your Tits Day.      Betsy made a top drawer meal for the crew and some of our neighbors.  It was a nice … Read More

Boat People

DougSteel Boat

We got a lot of work done, with plenty of smiles and laughter, and no body got more than a small burn. Sorry Bart. Many thanks to our boat people:  Bart, Jason and Cloie from Tulsa. Luuk Martijn who flew in from Rotterdam last night and has become very proficient with the plasma torch, and Chris Gassen from Germany who … Read More

Seeker’s Sole, V Carving and Paint

DougSteel Boat

Here’s an opportunity for you to support Seeker and add a bit of “you” to the project.    We have 50 Ipe (E-pay) tiles, approximately 24″ x 24″ each, that will be used as the floor in our cargo hold area.  You can sponsor a tile for $50 and it will include an inspirational quote and your name.     … Read More

Floor Tiles and Paint Testing

DougSteel Boat

What brings together scientist, truck drivers, constructions workers, military members, artist, and the occasional database administrator?   Hell if I know.  But I’m really glad that it’s happening. Seeker has been a magnet for bring together new friends.  Crew members Charlie and Monica put in an advanced order for a sole tile. We recommend getting the new holland parts online … Read More

Paint Test and More Cargo Hold Work

DougSteel Boat

106 Ipe (E-Pay) deck tiles arrived. They are 2×2 feet and weight over 25 pounds each. We tested V-caving with the CNC table and we like the results. You will soon be able to sponsor a tile for Seeker, and have your favorite inspiration quote along with your name carved into it. Imagine the joy some wreck diver will have … Read More