Here’s what’s happening at the shipyard.

Black = Holiday at the Shipyard (Shipyard closed)
Red = Visiting Workers – Apartment Full

calendarPlease notice that there are days or weekends when we are closed.   Now and then we have to set aside some time to take care of other things like household and vehicle maintenance, yard work, taxes or just the time to reflect.   On these days we are not working on the boat and the apartment and shipyard are closed.    The best way to keep up to the minute on when we are open and closed is by joining our group on Facebook.

This calendar is constantly changing. If you would like to work on Seeker, you must read our Welcome Aboard page. 

Note: If you have plans to visit from out of town and have spoken or corresponded with Doug, please check the calendar to make sure we have you listed. You must give a firm date if you plan to visit and want to stay on site (this also includes RVs, Semis, truck campers, tent campers, cots, etc).

We work to a limit how many guests and/or workers we will accommodate at a time.  This includes those who are staying in the apartment or shop as well as those in RVs, trucks, or plan to sleep in their vehicles.  Too many and Doug spends too much time talking and not enough time working.

We MUST also have a confirmed date you will be leaving.  This calendar is your confirmation. IF YOU SHOW UP AND ARE NOT ON THE CALENDAR, we cannot accommodate you.    Do not bring a friend or extra person or a pet without clearing this ahead of time.  They must also be confirmed by Doug and listed on the calendar.

If you have reserved space, please check back to this calendar and note that the day we show you ON the calendar are they days you are actually here — on the property!  You arrive on the first day and you leave on the last day.  Sometimes there is a departure and arrival on the same day but please do not plan to arrive the day before or leave a day later than you are noted here as the calendar does not list the days you “work”, it lists the days you are actually here.  If your plans change, please let us know so we can notify any standbys or make other arrangements.


Tours are normally given on Saturdays between the hours of 10 am – 2 pm. Please email for special requests or reservations. Thank you for your cooperation.

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