Seeker Blueprint

If your interests are in exploration, discovery and adventure then what could be better than a boat to take you where you want to go. SV Seeker is our 74 foot steel origami hull, junk rigged, cargo, motorsailer. Once completed she will be a part time research/charter vessel and full time home on the water.

My name is Doug Jackson.  I am the ambition and drive behind SV Seeker, but my success comes from knowing a lot of brilliant and skilled people who are drawn together.
If you want to be a part of the boat that the Internet built, then allow me to welcome you aboard.

Welcome Aboard

ROVs or Remotely Operated Vehicles are quickly making many submarines obsolete. ROVs provide better visibility, go deeper, go faster, go inside wrecks, cost a small fraction of what it cost to build and maintain a submarine and if something does go seriously wrong; nobody dies.


I got started casting because I needed parts that I could not afford. I did not realize how rewarding it would be to pour molten metal and turn it into something useful. From lead ingots for ballast to anchors to brass propellers and decorative accents, we make it in our foundry.

Casting, CNC & Artistic Stuff