Step by Step Aluminum Casting with Sodium Silicate Sand

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There is just something incredibly fulfilling about the heat, the noise, and making something from liquid metal.   Sodium Silica Sand Casting Rocks! * Fewer Failures * Faster Results * Bigger Castings * Less Equipment * No storage Resources: Foundry Practices Building a Furnace More Furnaces: Building a Burner Casting Propellers:

Casting Deadlights – Part 1

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Sodium Silicate Sand Rocks! Especially for the occasional casting or big casting. Traditional Green Sand requires, skill, storage, and a sand muller to recondition your sand. And the difficulty increases with the size of the casting. Sodium silicate sand uses inexpensive fine silica sand, and sodium silicate (water glass) which reacts with CO2 to harden the sand. 200 pounds of … Read More

Hatches – Part 2 – Companionways

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I think this whole thing is coming together very well and a big part of that credit goes to ME! Yup ME! I am smart enough to know that I know very little and there are a lot of talented people out there that I invite in, and bounce ideas off of, and listen to their ideas and work beside … Read More