Breaking Wire and Machining a Capstan

DougLathe & Machining, ROV, Steel Boat, Winches

That second capstan has been siting in the lathe from over a month, and Doug Stout a retired machinist showed up and not only completed the bore but showed us some really nice tricks.  Tomorrow is the final fit up.  The rest of us spent the day stretching and breaking ROV cable.  Very surprising is how crappy Cat5 is and … Read More

Gears, Capstan, Decking and more

DougLathe & Machining, Steel Boat, Winches

I’ve been listening to “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” lately, ….actually I’m on the second time through it.  There will likely be many more times.  Habit #1 is be proactive.   In short:  Work.  Work on the things you can work on today.  Do something every day to make your goal happen.  Make work your habit.  I suggest … Read More