Scuppers, Keels and Pouring Lead

DougCasting, Keels, Scuppers, Steel Boat

    The last of the lead; I think.  About 1200 pounds, a surprising amount went into the leading and trailing ends of the keels.  On the leading edge it will do an excellent job of reinforcing the keel against collision damage.  There is already a 2 inch solid round bar with a 1/2 inch by 5 inch wide flat … Read More

Scuppers / Engine Hatch / Mast Partners

DougHatches, Mast, Scuppers, Steel Boat

The rain cleared up and got started on beautiful cool Saturday morning.   Mike Love from Annapolis and I were joined by Richard and Dan from Oklahoma City, then Jack from Tulsa and finally Kevin from Michigan.   The work consisted only a few items but complicated items that required a lot of cutting and grinding to get into shape. … Read More