Casting, Rudder, Hatches and other

DougCasting, Hatches, Rudder, Steel Boat

The engine room hatch has a gasket. A second deadlight is cast. The rudder quadrant now has put out dowel pins as several of you suggested. Thank you! The chain to cable connectors are done for the chain and cable steering system. And you get to see me continue to fail to patch a hole in a keel. 🙂 Many … Read More

Rudder, Hatch, ROV and other

DougHatches, ROV, Rudder, Steel Boat

I had a great Thanksgiving vacation with an old salt. Dave spent his time steering a destroyer and gave me an ear full of advice. Much of it was actually useful. 🙂 And we got several projects moved down the trail.

Scuppers / Engine Hatch / Mast Partners

DougHatches, Mast, Scuppers, Steel Boat

The rain cleared up and got started on beautiful cool Saturday morning.   Mike Love from Annapolis and I were joined by Richard and Dan from Oklahoma City, then Jack from Tulsa and finally Kevin from Michigan.   The work consisted only a few items but complicated items that required a lot of cutting and grinding to get into shape. … Read More

Plans for Doors / Helm / Elevator / Aux Equipment

DougHatches, Helm, Steel Boat

The Boat the Internet build is alive and well and continues to grew. Over the past couple of weeks we have hosted an nuclear engineer, an architect, and a machinist. Each with a variety of other skills, interest and hobbies, and each with invaluable experiences and insight to share. Talk around the dinner table invariably ranges across the a diversity … Read More

Hatches – Part 2 – Companionways

DougAluminum, Cabin Tops, Hatches, Steel Boat

I think this whole thing is coming together very well and a big part of that credit goes to ME! Yup ME! I am smart enough to know that I know very little and there are a lot of talented people out there that I invite in, and bounce ideas off of, and listen to their ideas and work beside … Read More