Scuppers, Keels and Pouring Lead

DougCasting, Keels, Scuppers, Steel Boat

    The last of the lead; I think.  About 1200 pounds, a surprising amount went into the leading and trailing ends of the keels.  On the leading edge it will do an excellent job of reinforcing the keel against collision damage.  There is already a 2 inch solid round bar with a 1/2 inch by 5 inch wide flat … Read More

Blacksmithing, Casting, and Deadlights

DougCasting, Portholes, Steel Boat

It is a pleasure when you get to meet people who enjoy working, sharing, and learning.   They exude confidence,  not arrogance, but a confidence that anything is possible.  That confidence is infectious and instills courage.  And without courage we do not live to our potential. Feal the fear and do it anyway.  LIVE  

Rainy Day and Building Anyway

DougCasting, Keels, Steel Boat

Started off nice but then the rain moved in.  Our plans for rain paid off.  While Paul was here, he and I build a rain cover for the temporary burnout kiln and its doing it’s job now.  Hopefully we will get a break in the rain tomorrow afternoon and pour our second bronze anchor winch capstan.  Tom and Coen have done … Read More

Boat Dreams and Lead Ballast

DougCasting, Keels, Steel Boat

Coen Van Wyk and his beautiful wife Shahnaz  are in from South Africa and Tom Carroll from Chicago.  I spend the day at the office, but they spent the day moving thousands of pounds of lead for the keels.  Coen and Shahnaz are also building a boat and keeping a blog: To dream of the ocean    

Casting the Capstans or Try try again.

DougCasting, Steel Boat, Winches

When a toddler stumbles and falls for the fourth time.  No body says, “Just give up.  You’re a failure”.    But by the time we get to high school it’s common.   Failure is synonymous with looser, flunkies, stupid, retard.  The whole idea of failing at anything is abhorrent.   So most of us rightfully avoid failure, and in doing … Read More