ROV Hull Completed

DougROV, Steel Boat

 It’s finally coming together.  All the hull pieces are assembled and we’ve started running wires to the various components inside.   Once that is done we’ll take her to the lake; not to run but to simply see where she needs weight to trim her and make her just slightly positive buoyant.   Then comes the programming.  Fortunately Drew Morgan and Patrick … Read More

ROV Wiring, Ice Damage, and Talk about a Water Maker

DougROV, Steel Boat

Many thanks to Bart and Paul for fixing stuff around the shop.  Jim, Drew, Tim, and Ole Hermann Godø for help with the ROV Thruster.  And Cody, Bob, and a few others for contributing idea for a water distillation unit.    We appreciate all the support.   –Doug      

Breaking Wire and Machining a Capstan

DougLathe & Machining, ROV, Steel Boat, Winches

That second capstan has been siting in the lathe from over a month, and Doug Stout a retired machinist showed up and not only completed the bore but showed us some really nice tricks.  Tomorrow is the final fit up.  The rest of us spent the day stretching and breaking ROV cable.  Very surprising is how crappy Cat5 is and … Read More

Help with the ROV Tether.

Woo AdminROV, Steel Boat

Danial and Rob, two engineers on their way to race their car in Nebraska, stopped in and we tested a length of RG6 inside some tubular webbing.  Unfortunately the tubular webbing stretches about 35% with just 300 pounds of load and that was too much for the RG6.   So we need your help.   But please stay within the parameters. … Read More

Low Cost ROV Tether and more…

DougROV, Steel Boat

  Do-It-Yourself ROV tether for 21 cents a foot, (69 cents/meter) and 300 pounds (1300 Newtons) of load.  SCORE!   And we are looking forward to your suggestions for improvements.   Thank you for your assistance!              

ROV Sonar Part 5 and Hull Tool

DougROV, Steel Boat

   The ROV the internet built!  We got a lot of great ideas for out ROV Hull Tool.   You can see them on our last post: ROV Hull Joint Tool but the one recommendation you don’t want to miss was from Eddie DaGrouch.   We are not accustomed to things working on the first try.  We often use the motto “We build it … Read More

ROV Hull Joint Tool

DougROV, Steel Boat

You’re only as dumb as the smartest person in the room.   And the internet makes for a really big room.   Yes, you have filter out some trolls, and inflated egos,  but what is left is a great cross section of humanity and experiences.   There is definitely a need to make presenting an idea safe as there is … Read More

ROV Wiring, Sewing, and Trucking

DougROV, Steel Boat

This ROV is going to be a remarkable tool for Seeker and anyone else looking to explorer beneath the waves. It’s not just another ROV with lights, cameras, and thrusters. This ROV as side scan and forward scanning sonar and can go to 3000 ft! ROV Overview  

Lights, Cameras, Stitch.

DougROV, Steel Boat

It’s lovely being back to work on the ROV and enjoying the air conditioning in the shop.  Bart has reworked the LED light section so we can easily route the wires through it.  I have the aft camera installed and more of the wiring harness and Betsy has been working out our sail plan and sharpening her sail sewing skills … Read More