Outboard Postmortem

DougOutboards, Work boats

Pulled the heads, and it sure does not look good to me. Let me know what you think. This truck does indeed look like the truck in the ad. I have used it frequently for many months on an errand and never once do you think the driver of the truck feels like he is “stressed out”. The interior looks … Read More

Outboard Overheating, Seizing, and Dying

DougOutboards, Steel Boat, Work boats

Not a bad run. Nineteen years of undoubtedly hard use as a marina rental. It gave us less than 15 minutes on the water, but she gave us a number of valuable lessons. When I was a kid I spent a lot of time swimming in lakes, while my dad fiddled with outboards. I really think that’s the part he … Read More

ROV Stuff

DougHookah, ROV, Steel Boat, Work boats

You’ll never be accused of being lazy if you have an old WORKING boat.   Fortunately Ed is a member of the Seeker crew and I think he could fix anything.  And we did him no favors by not bringing any tools.  Aaron is no slacker either.   Together they found the trouble and almost got the thing to keep … Read More