A junk rigged boat has more ropes than you find on the typical Bermuda rig. Various books have helped us learn the terminology, use and placement of what looks like a big pile of spaghetti to the untrained eye. In order to get a better idea of the what, why, where and types of rigging we were going to need, we took a trip to Florida to sail on a 40+ foot Colvin junk rigged boat, and did we ever have questions.

While many think this was just a pleasure trip and an excuse to shoot a nice video.. it was, but this video is going to get a lot of views as we try to remember what was what and where it went. It’s our little tribute to junk rigs and their rigging.

Step 1: Make a model. We saw where certain lines and sheets could become hung up on battens or cleats, so how are we going to eliminate these problems, minimize the areas needed to wander in order to hoist or trim sails, and keep the deck space tidy. Let’s build a model and see what happens…..
And how cool that our Doug Jackson Action Figure (thank you again to Andrew Harmon) is just the right size!

SV Seeker Rigging


Main mast is 50ft above the deck. 14 inch diameter and 3/8″ wall. –more or less.

Local manufacturer of steel poles: www.valmont.com


Spectec-12 http://www.novabraid.com/pdfs/P20114%20-Spectec-12.pdf

3 Strand Nylon
2″ 92,000 lbs $4.53/ft, 1.06 lbs/ft
1 1/2″ 53,000 lbs. $2.62/ft .60 lbs/ft

http://www.cwestern.com/products/rope/white-nylon.html available from www.go2marine.com

Steel Cable

Navy Rigging Manual

6X19 Galvanized EIPS IWRC Wire Rope
3/4″ Dia.; 51,200 lbs; 1.04 lbs/ft $1.80/ft
7/8″ Dia.; 71,600 lbs; 1.42 lbs/ft $2.37/ft
1″ Dia.; 93,000 lbs; 1.85 lbs/ft $3.05/ft



Hydraulic Pumps & Motors

Power Steering Pumps: 3.5 GPM @ 1,500 PSI
Example: Mile Marker 12K lb winch use 19.5 cubic in motors for 5.65 feet per minute.

GPM = ( RPM * Pump Displacement [Cu.in./Rev] ) / 231
Area of a Cylinder Sq.In. = Pi * Diameter^2 / 4
Area (rod end) = Area – area of the rod itself
Force of a cylinder = Pressure (PSI) * Net Area (Sq. In.)
Speed of a cylinder, Velocity [Ft./Sec.] = 231 * Flow Rate (GPM) / ( 12 * 60 * Net Area [Sq.In.] )

Hydraulic Tutorials

The Deck Crain’s pump should supply a minimum of 6 GPM at 2,350 PSI

Example Pumps
Northern Tool Hydraulic Clutch Pump, 2.32Cu In, Max 3000psi. 1 1/4in.NPTF in, 1in. NPTF out. 11.6 gpm@1200rpm, $510

1 HP AC => 1.25 GPM at 2,000 PSI
2 HP AC => 1.3 GPM at 2,500 PSI
12 VDC, 80 Amps, 960 watts => 2 GPM @ 500 PSI