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Two weekends ago Betsy and I were in Florida checking out a Junk Rig.  Last weekend, Bart, Jack and I were at the Tulsa Mini Maker Fair showing off Seeker, the ROV and recruiting help.   And this weekend is our open house.  So when do we have time to build something?   We are building something.   We are … Read More

What kind person is going to use Seeker?

Woo AdminSteel Boat

“Slovak robotic sailing boat was trying to cross the Atlantic”   Meet Andrej Osusky from Lanzarote, Canary Islands who is designing and building an autonomous sailboat.    That’s the kind!   …and yes, he has great taste in T-Shirts.

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In the quest to better understand the Chinese Junk sail, Betsy and I found ourselves it the company of Pat and Jeannine, on board their schooner Ondine.   We enjoyed a wealth of knowledge and a beautiful sail through Ponce Inlet from New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  We highly recommend the short voyage.

7 years in 27 minutes

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Some ideas take root and grow faster than the weeds.  SV Seeker is one of those ideas that started from a chance conversation about building a boat and getting it to the ocean via the Arkansas river.  That was about 12 years ago and the though of sailing a boat I built across the oceans was something that scared me.   … Read More

Low Cost ROV Tether and more…

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  Do-It-Yourself ROV tether for 21 cents a foot, (69 cents/meter) and 300 pounds (1300 Newtons) of load.  SCORE!   And we are looking forward to your suggestions for improvements.   Thank you for your assistance!              

The New Plan

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The old plan was to have to ROV in the water this weekend and on display at the Tulsa Maker Fair in two weeks.   ….I hate that plan.  Deadlines suck the enjoyment out of most everything.  I understand the need for them especially when other people are counting on you, but that is not the case.  This was self … Read More

ROV Sonar Part 5 and Hull Tool

DougROV, Steel Boat

   The ROV the internet built!  We got a lot of great ideas for out ROV Hull Tool.   You can see them on our last post: ROV Hull Joint Tool but the one recommendation you don’t want to miss was from Eddie DaGrouch.   We are not accustomed to things working on the first try.  We often use the motto “We build it … Read More