Gangway and Sail Winch

DougGangway, Steel Boat, Winches

We could not be happier with the gangway and catwalk.   The summer heat is here so we will be moving inside the shop to complete work on the ROV.   We’ll need an outboard to replace our dead Suzuki 150 on the boat before we can test the ROV at the lake.   Please drop us a line if … Read More

Portlights and Gangway

DougGangway, Steel Boat

One of our visitors asked me the other day if my friends thought I was crazy for building this boat.  I told her “No.  Those people are not friends.”   Friends are the people who support your dreams. Avoid the others.  You don’t want worry, fear, doubt and pessimism around.  Amazing people, will be drawn to amazing projects, and Seeker has some … Read More

The Gangway is ready!

DougGangway, Steel Boat

Many thanks to everyone that worked on this one.  And there where a lot of hands involved in this one.  Dan, Andrew, Craig, Bart, Ron, Tony, Jack, and a few more I am likely forgetting.  And this also is our last weekend working outside.   The ROV is front and center and will hopefully be in the water by September. … Read More

Main Mast and Gangway and Assorted Repairs

DougGangway, Mast, Steel Boat

  What a great week. We get a lot of people the will weld and grind on the boat. It’s understandable that we want to leave a mark there. But occasionally we get folk like Bill Wygant and Will Linna that will fix broken stuff, like the Cummins Killer Dowel Pin, your girl friends Jeep, the lawn mower, and a … Read More