After months of welding, back gouging, and grinding. The 75 foot long piece of steel is pulled into shape.

Longitudinals and 3″ pipe stiffeners added.

Jig for aligning and pulling pipe into place.

Bow Lifted

Folding the hull

Folding the hull Part 1

First Chine

Tack welds along the chine

First side is tacked together

Folding the Hull Part 2

Side 2

Dirty Work

Sides are flipped over to complete welds

Grinding the surface clean prior to welding

Back gouging the joint down to clean metal.

Completed upper chine

Chine Transition

One thing I can tell you is you got to be Free.
Come together, right now, over me. The Beatles

We are elated to see the hull rise up out of the yard and tower over our heads. Many thanks to Super Dave and Mike for their assistance. You can’t get better friends especially¬†ones that help you build your dream and trust that you will see it through to completion.

Measuring from the aft end to find a joining point.

Super Dave marks off 21 feet on each side.

Skid pipes laid under the joint. They let the two halves slide together easily and we can plasma cut the joint when needed.

Super Dave trimming the sides to fit.

Mike Grinding

Memorial Day 2012

Jezebel inspects the bow end

Bow closing up

Folding the hull Part 4

Tools: 1.5t chain winch, crow bars, grinders,
cut off blades, welder, and a big hammer.

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