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vs160715-001I’ve been listening to “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” lately, ….actually I’m on the second time through it.  There will likely be many more times.  Habit #1 is be proactive.   In short:  Work.  Work on the things you can work on today.  Do something every day to make your goal happen.  Make work your habit.  I suggest you put a picture up of your completed goal.  You’ll see Chinese Junk Sailboats on my walls.   Does it matter what you work on?  YES, but there are 7 habits, this is just #1.

And thanks to Cody for all the CNC and Boring done last weekend.  And Bart for adding some textured planks to the gangway.  We are back inside, out of the heat and working on the ROV.     –Doug