For the uninitiated, CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control.  In short, you draw a part on the computer and the computer then controls the movement of the plasma torch or router in order to cut the part from metal or wood.

Now that we are dedicated to building a sailboat we are ready to spring for some better shop tools to get the job done faster and easier.  Since this sailboat will have a shop in the cargo hold for a shop, we also plan to take the Plasma/Route CNC table with us.

We two roles for the CNC; we want to plasma cut steel and aluminum parts that will be assembled into items for the boat such as hinges, hatches, toe rails, tanks and such. And we want to use it to relief artwork from foam that will then be coated with resin and used to construct decorative walls, ceilings and fixtures for the boat. Hence the CNC table will take a plasma torch for cutting metal and a router for carving the foam.

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