Our Crew

BetsySteel Boat

If you haven’t taken a look at our Crew page lately, it’s worth the journey. Slow but steady, the pins in our map are growing. These are people, just like you, that have made the journey to Tulsa to help build Seeker. While the majority are still local, we’ve found by meeting so many great people that the world is … Read More

River of Lead

DougCasting, Keels, Steel Boat

We had a awesome weekend.  Two more more 1000 pound pours and we are getting our process down.    And pouring it is amazing to watch.   I am almost delighted that we have 17 more of these to do.   🙂              

Lead Lead Everywhere

DougCasting, Keels, Steel Boat

1000 pounds, the first of 20,000 pounds.  Besides a small leak in the old melting pot our Harbor Freight dual burner propane stove converted to lead smelter was doing good.  1000 pounds ready in 5 1/2 hours having burner 14 pounds of propane.   So now we know we are going to need 280 pounds or about 66 gallons .   … Read More

Step by Step Aluminum Casting with Sodium Silicate Sand

DougAluminum, Casting, Steel Boat

There is just something incredibly fulfilling about the heat, the noise, and making something from liquid metal.   Sodium Silica Sand Casting Rocks! * Fewer Failures * Faster Results * Bigger Castings * Less Equipment * No storage Resources: Foundry Practices http://movingimage.nls.uk/film/1529 Building a Furnace https://youtu.be/f10hqYGIJCE More Furnaces: https://svseeker.com/casting_furnaces.htm Building a Burner https://youtu.be/P-A8uoWdBB8 Casting Propellers: https://svseeker.com/casting_boat_props.htm

Like Molasses in January

DougSteel Boat

Somebody mentioned the molasses treatment for steel. There are lots of YouTube videos with car parts sitting for weeks in fermenting tanks of molasses and water, 1:10. I dismissed it, as I sure as hell am not going to turn the insides of Seeker into a fermentation tank.  But then I found a bottle of molasses in the pantry today. … Read More