Hold On

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No one can change your life except for you Don’t ever let anyone step all over you Just open your heart and your mind Is it really fair to feel this way inside? Hold on for one more day –Wilson Phillips; Hold On

Home Built Anchor Upgrade

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I cringe every time I have to approach the topic of “Anchors”, it’s like trying to discuss abortion, gun rights, and atheism all at once. So if you are a zealot and feel the overwhelming need to comment, please don’t, the rest of us are having a conversation.

NP205 Repair

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The only thing quitters will never stop doing is telling you, that you should quit. If you see a path forward, then press on.

Hurricane Two Step

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Putting extra distance between us and a Hurricane seemed like an excellent idea for putting a 100-mile test on the transfer case. And we got an excellent surprise.