Capstan Progress

DougSteel Boat, Winches

Many thanks to Cody Allan Rydell who spent a last weekend cutting gears and a day at the lathe. The bore is over 7 1/2 inches and had to be cut back almost a 1/4″. A huge job for our Grizzly lathe. Lots of chatter and heat with our 1″ boring bar and to top it off, this capstan did the strangest thing. Normally as the part heats up it gets larger on the ID, but this thing go smaller. I guess it’s the spokes that are supported by the drum, but he kept cutting and cutting without the progress we expected. But after cooling down, there was just 30 thousands left to go.    We have one more to turn down and then we can haul them down to Super Dave who has a shapper that can cut the keyways.  The keyway is 7 inches long, 2 3/8″ ID and about a 9/16″ wide.