Go on! Break a fingernail!

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Go on! Get out there and beak a fingernail. I’ve been listening to “The Selfish Gene” by Richard Dawkins followed by “Undeniable” by Bill Nye, a thoughtful gift from Edward Joseph Wheeler​. And I got the there from “Excuses Begone” by the late Wayne Dyer and “Virus of the Mind: The New Science of the Meme” by Richard Brodie. And … Read More

Hatches – Part 2 – Companionways

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I think this whole thing is coming together very well and a big part of that credit goes to ME! Yup ME! I am smart enough to know that I know very little and there are a lot of talented people out there that I invite in, and bounce ideas off of, and listen to their ideas and work beside … Read More

Cabin Tops – Part V

DougCabin Tops, Steel Boat

[wpdevart_youtube]xD72ibjGfdQ[/wpdevart_youtube]An amazing crew has put us ahead of schedule and more help keeps coming.  Thank you for your support!  

The List

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The List – Sept 2015 People often ask, “What do you need?” and “What’s next?”.    Here’s a partial list of what needs to be done. Outstanding Questions 1) A definitive answer as to weather of not the Allison AT545 transmission will lock into the first gear or slip. Serial # 3210627425 Part #29507181 Model: AT545 93BOT 2) Paint selection that … Read More

Cabin Tops – Tops

DougCabin Tops, Steel Boat

So I was thinking that we would get the first top plate on by Sunday afternoon, but with an amazing amount of help we actually got all of them on before lunch on Sunday!   We need a week to clean up and resupply and then we’ll start on the hatches and final welding.  A this rate we’ll be watertight … Read More

Cabin Tops – Part 4

DougCabin Tops, Steel Boat

We had a great week, despite the heat.   David Finch delivered our day tank, and also put in welds on the cabin tops.  Jack got started on the braces for the forward cabin top.   And we are moving the last of the big sheets of steel up onto the boat.  When we put up our 23 ft tall gantry … Read More

Labor Day Labor

DougCabin Tops, Steel Boat

  David Finch delivered our day tank (fuel) and also put in time welding on the cabin tops.  Many thanks!   Getting my daily dose of iron.   Jack and I tacking on more cabin top before the sun drove us away.   Trying to work fast so I can move back into the shade.   Jack testing a grappling … Read More

Cabin Tops – Part 3

DougCabin Tops, Steel Boat

17 Days till the end of summer! The heat index is over 100F (38C) this weekend, but the end is in sight. During the cooler mornings we are still making progress on the cabin tops, and it’s been great to retreat into the shop during the afternoons.

Outboard Postmortem

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Pulled the heads, and it sure does not look good to me. Let me know what you think. This truck does indeed look like the truck in the ad. I have used it frequently for many months on an errand and never once do you think the driver of the truck feels like he is “stressed out”. The interior looks … Read More