The bulkheads did a lot to lock in the width of the hull but we wanted to prevent it from twisting before lifting it off the ground and starting on installing the twin keels. So the next step became figuring out where the decks go. We needed to know where the cabin tops go and how much room we needed for the companionways, so we stated looking at companionway ladders.

Commercially available ships ladders are a good start. As well as messing a bit with our ladder. We’ve decided to on steeper 70 degree ladders but with fully enclosed sides so they are easier to traverse when the boat is healed. The opening needs to be 27 inches wide. With 1″ hand rails on both sides, with 2″ behind the hand rail. That leaves 21″ between the hand rails and the recommended minimum is 18″. We also want to design the opening so that an elevator can be installed later on. The passage must also be watertight as both of the ladders will pass through bulkheads.

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