Building Their Own Ocean Going Boats

DougSteel Boat

Sorry for the bad edit Rhys. Here is the fixed version.   If you like boat building by the people who plan to take these boats to sea, then check out this list. And if you are planning to build and ocean going boat please pick up a video camera and join us. Waltzingalma Dvseire –  Small Sailboat … Read More

Diesel Jet Boat Build – Part 6 – Flotation Foam

DougSteel Boat

                    I will never call a boat unsinkable, but we can make it difficult. At the end of this video we also show some YouTubers Building Their Own Ocean Going Boats. Waltzingalma Dvseire –  Small Sailboat Restoration SV Tapatya Frantic Sailing Adventures  … Read More

Diesel Jet Boat Build – Part 4 – Shape and Weld Aluminum

DougSteel Boat

                      Aluminum Pipe Bending, Heat Bending, HTP Propulse 200 Aluminum Welding, Miller Spoolgun Aluminum Welding, Plasma Cutting and Saw Cutting Aluminum. Everything we love about working with steel but with no sparks. Josh Barton wanted practice welding aluminum so he came back in for ten days, and Greg Stein spent … Read More

Win a Rocket Stove Kit!

BetsyJust for Fun

We had a great time at our Love Me Tender Weldfest, the weekend of February 23, 2018.    We were joined by YouTube’s Chucke2009, Stephen Cox, Peter Zila, and 42Fab as we fabricated the hull of our aluminum tender. “42” (aka Richard Day) left us one of his great  Weld-It-Yourself Rocket Stove kits and we wanted to pass this cool … Read More