Cabin Tops II

DougCabin Tops, Steel Boat

Had a great weekend dodging the heat.   Work on the boat from 7 to 11 and the rest of the day got spent working on the Dragon.

ROV Stuff

DougHookah, ROV, Steel Boat, Work boats

You’ll never be accused of being lazy if you have an old WORKING boat.   Fortunately Ed is a member of the Seeker crew and I think he could fix anything.  And we did him no favors by not bringing any tools.  Aaron is no slacker either.   Together they found the trouble and almost got the thing to keep … Read More

Two Years Before The Mast

DougSteel Boat

The area of a boat forward of the mast is the domain of the common sailor, hence “Before The Mast”. The author is a Harvard graduate that commits himself to duty on board a cargo ship sailing around the horn in the late 1830’s. I listened to much of this epic story while working on Seeker and it underscored for … Read More