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facebook-like-4-512 If you like to be first, you will definitely want to LIKE our Facebook Page. Videos will be posted on Facebook and our Blog before being viewable anywhere else … including YouTube. The Facebook Page is the best place to keep abreast on what we’re working on this week and what’s coming up in the near future.


transparent-headerIf you have great ideas or want to chat with other Seeker Crew, you must JOIN our Facebook Group. We actively monitor this Group so spammers and trollers are not allowed. This is where you can upload your own project pictures, share ideas and help us find ways to make Seeker a success.  If you want to get Doug’s attention, then this is the place!





blog-buttonNot a Facebook user and don’t wanna be a Facebook user, then hop on over to our Blog.  You can easily Register for our Blog using your email address (or your Facebook account if you have one), and by allowing notifications, we’ll send you an email each time we upload a new video.   Most of what we put on our Blog  ends up on Facebook but you just never know.   To be sure you don’t miss out on anything, you better just JOIN THEM ALL!


youtube-logo-full_colorPerhaps the largest group of Seeker supporters is sitting over at You Tube.  This will be the last place we release notification of our new videos, but if you aren’t in a hurry and would rather just watch and not participate, then that’s your venue.  To get a notification of a new video at YouTube, you must SUBSCRIBE.   If you want to be heard, we recommend Facebook or our Blog.   And as with all of our gathering spots, Spammers and Trolls are not invited and will be swiftly tossed overboard.

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