Mast and Chinese Junk Sails and other stuff

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  I endured 30 seconds of the presidential debate last night.  I saw nothing presidential, honorable or respectable.   Only two rabid dogs. If you stay too long on the side of the baiting pit you too become covered in their mud and excrement.   So I Seek something true and find it in the words of the poet.

Junk Sails and Beautiful Frames and Adventurers

DougSteel Boat

  Hannes flew to the USA from Switzerland, purchased and old Volvo to get around, and spent 57 days traveling the length of the Mississippi on a raft.  David rode in on a bike from Northern California  on a loop through the USA, and has build his own boats including a trimaran.  Jim and Nancy spend weeks each year traveling about the … Read More

ROV Tether Testing

DougSteel Boat

I just love the diversity of people that come to help build Seeker.  From tall ship captains, to truck drives, to nuclear reactor design engineers.  Everybody has a skill and knowledge that becomes part of the boat.   Danial and Rob, a pair of engineers from San Antonio, Texas stopped by and we put them to work testing the ROV’s tether … Read More

Mast, Capstan, and Frames

DougSteel Boat

The snow birds intent on being “First” in the warm ponds are working their way south along with the cooler weather. The main mast is off to be galvanized.  And it’s fun to be back inside the hull.  We’re double welding the plates on top of the lead and adding frames to reinforce the keels.   The lightening holes look … Read More

I’ve always loved lightening holes.

DougSteel Boat

  Remember the flying sub in “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea”?  I have always loved lightening holes in aircraft, and now they will be a visible part of Seeker. It took the better part of two days but we got one of ten frames cut for the cargo hold.   It was not one of our better weekends. … Read More

Breaking Wire and Machining a Capstan

DougLathe & Machining, ROV, Steel Boat, Winches

That second capstan has been siting in the lathe from over a month, and Doug Stout a retired machinist showed up and not only completed the bore but showed us some really nice tricks.  Tomorrow is the final fit up.  The rest of us spent the day stretching and breaking ROV cable.  Very surprising is how crappy Cat5 is and … Read More

Open House 2016 – Thank You!

DougSteel Boat

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! About 50 folks showed up for last week’s open house and we got a year’s worth of good vibes. Seeker is more that a boat, she is a crew and a following of people that love making things, building a better world and who love life. Thanks for sharing your love! Special Thanks to … Read More