Engine Room and Other Boat Work

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This past Thursday was Thanksgiving Day.   I wish we had more holidays like it.  I have a few suggestions:  Forgiveness Day, Compassion Day,  Be Happy Day,  Hug Day, Own Your Own Shit Day,  and Show Me Your Tits Day.      Betsy made a top drawer meal for the crew and some of our neighbors.  It was a nice time to stop and think about all the great people that have given their time to our little project.   And thank you to all of those who sponsored a deck tile.   It’s awesome to know that we can count on our viewers for more than just a thumbs up.   We have cash in the account again, and materials on hand for the winter and that is all we need for now.    Sorry if you missed the tile deal, but we do have a store with mugs, and caps and shirts.   If you want a reminder that you should be working on your dreams,  Betsy would love to wrap something up and send it your way for a small ransom.   Visit our Junk Store