Foremast & Sole & Deck Hatch & CNC Routing

DougSteel Boat

 I tell ya.  I have to make all the tough decisions around here.  Chris can figure out the CNC machine and the best way to clamp down the deck tiles, and Betsy figures out how to run the web site and online store.  Everybody else gets to do all the welding.  But me?   I have to decide which photo to use for the icon on the YouTube video.   And the folks at YouTube say it’s a critical decision that will determine the success of failure of your video.    I really wanted to use the one with Chis holding Bart’s hand gun that looks like a cannon with a scope.  But as it really has nothing to do with the video I opted for the blow torch instead.  God, I hope I made the right choice.   🙂    — Doug