ROV Sonar Part 5 and Hull Tool

DougROV, Steel Boat

vs160801-001   The ROV the internet built!  We got a lot of great ideas for out ROV Hull Tool.   You can see them on our last post: ROV Hull Joint Tool but the one recommendation you don’t want to miss was from Eddie DaGrouch.   We are not accustomed to things working on the first try.  We often use the motto “We build it right, because we build it twice.”  …but Bart Robinson cobbled together a tool that works like a charm.

We also had some success in getting two sonar transducers to share a Lowrance SonarHub.  When successful, we will have a deep water ROV with both forward and side-scan sonar abilities a fraction of the cost of commercially available products.    –Doug

“Were having a blast, making stuff work with alot of help/inspiration All of the viewers, there ideas and thoughts/comments “Do” make it happen. Your all a good mind blast and the thanks given here can’t express it fully, just know you’s folks actually matter. Dreaming isn’t a sin, delaying/denieing the dream is..Rockon Worlds Peoples, give into your dreams !!”  –Bart Robinson