Help with the ROV Tether.

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Daniel and Rob

Daniel and Rob

Danial and Rob, two engineers on their way to race their car in Nebraska, stopped in and we tested a length of RG6 inside some tubular webbing.  Unfortunately the tubular webbing stretches about 35% with just 300 pounds of load and that was too much for the RG6.   So we need your help.   But please stay within the parameters. We are not a government agency and we do not want to act like one.

We are looking for:  Cheaper, Stronger, Easier, and More Widely Available for 60 cents a foot.

So what is the best combination of polypropylene tubular webbing, coaxial cable and strength member, either steel of synthetic so that we have a low cost, neutrally buoyant, anti-strumming, tether that can sustain a 1000+ pounds of load when towing?

How much will coaxial cable routinely stretch?

What is the working load for common RG6 with a messenger wire?

Details and Updates are here: