Scuppers, Keels and Pouring Lead

DougCasting, Keels, Scuppers, Steel Boat

vs160518-002 - Copy - Copy    The last of the lead; I think.  About 1200 pounds, a surprising amount went into the leading and trailing ends of the keels.  On the leading edge it will do an excellent job of reinforcing the keel against collision damage.  There is already a 2 inch solid round bar with a 1/2 inch by 5 inch wide flat bar behind that;  but with the lead behind it as well,  I don’t see that as a weak spot.  Pouring lead is always an amazing thing to watch.  I’m glad the new crew got to have the opportunity.   Many thanks to George, Andy, Zach, Terry, Jack, Hugh and Bart for their work this past weekend.  Good friends, good work, good food, and relaxing cool evenings beside a fire of old cribbing and pallets.

Betsy has been patching and prepping the dragons and this coming weekend is more dragon work.  The weather is forecast to be warm and sunny. And we are looking forward to it.   The solar tank is holding water and Betsy already has her inflatable chair out by the tub, just waiting for some sunny skies.

So if you can, I highly recommend getting out to your shop, shed, yard, or basement and build that thing you always wanted to build. Especially if it involves molten lead, making new friends, and ending the day with sore muscles in a warm tub of water, or beside a fire under the stars.    –Doug