The New Plan

DougSteel Boat

The old plan was to have to ROV in the water this weekend and on display at the Tulsa Maker Fair in two weeks.   ….I hate that plan.  Deadlines suck the enjoyment out of most everything.  I understand the need for them especially when other people are counting on you, but that is not the case.  This was self imposed.  It did not make me work any harder or better, it just made normal work feel like pressure and failure where there was no failure.  I though I had learned that lesson.  Over a year ago I took down the “Count Down to Launch Clock”  from the web site.   That felt great.   And we have worked more and completed more on the boat this year than any previous year, and did it joyfully and while taking time to learn new skills help others learn new skills.  We are about enjoying life and enjoying the journey.   No more deadlines.   We  LIVE now and sail when we are ready and the wind is blowing.   We enjoy every moment.   If you don’t then you miss the special things.   Like those socks.   Much love and appreciation to  our supporters and especially the Seeker Crew.   Betsy and I are off to Florida next weekend to see this thing they call an ocean and scout out a Chinese junk rigged sailboat.   Jack and Bart are in charge of the boat yard.

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