Sailing on the “Schooner Ondine”, New Smyrna Beach, Florida

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Had a most Excellent day, sailing with Pat, Jeanine, and Lee on the junk rigged Schooner Ondine, which does day sails our of New Smyrna Beach, Florida.   Pat and Jeanine have been doing this for four years and also work on the tall mast ships and do sailboat deliveries.  It was a pleasure to tap into Pat’s extensive experience with this rig.   When Betsy and I walked up to the boat we were both taken back by the myriad of lines running down the mast and heading off in all direction, but four hours and a hundred questions later we both think it’s a piece of cake.   And I am seriously underwhelmed by the structures required to rig this boat which has done it’s share of blue water voyaging.  Comparatively Seeker is a beast.

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