Scuppers / Engine Hatch / Mast Partners

DougHatches, Mast, Scuppers, Steel Boat

The rain cleared up and got started on beautiful cool Saturday morning.   Mike Love from Annapolis and I were joined by Richard and Dan from Oklahoma City, then Jack from Tulsa and finally Kevin from Michigan.   The work consisted only a few items but complicated items that required a lot of cutting and grinding to get into shape. … Read More

Rain and Weld

DougCabin Tops, Steel Boat

Aaron Buscavage flew in from Baker Florida and is doing an outstanding job knocking out the final welding on the cabin tops.   At this rate we will be welding the deck to the side of the hull by Sunday.   But we have to figure out where the port holes and freeing ports go first and cut the latter out. … Read More

Cabin Tops – Part 6

DougCabin Tops, Steel Boat

Two guest were in this weekend. YouTuber Greg Porter of Greg’s Garage came down from Kansas and Neil rode in on his BWM from Denham Springs Louisiana. Add Jack to the list and we had to run another extension cord from a separate breaker. If you thin rock and roll is loud. Try three grinders on a steel hull. My … Read More

Plans for Doors / Helm / Elevator / Aux Equipment

DougHatches, Helm, Steel Boat

The Boat the Internet build is alive and well and continues to grew. Over the past couple of weeks we have hosted an nuclear engineer, an architect, and a machinist. Each with a variety of other skills, interest and hobbies, and each with invaluable experiences and insight to share. Talk around the dinner table invariably ranges across the a diversity … Read More