Port Holes! Not Portals.

DougPortholes, Steel Boat

Randy from Denton Texas joined us for the day.   Jack, Betsy and I got the Port Holes,  not Portals, laid out.  Huge showed up and did some clean up, and Aaron was Mr Welder the entire day.   The job for tomorrow is to cut the freeing ports and grind steel fast enough to stay ahead of Mr Welder.

  • vs151010-002

    Randy up from Denton Texas; and I making the cargo hatch coaming pretty.

  • vs151010-003

    Running two welders is really making fast progress.

  • vs151010-004

    Randy lowering the main hatch coaming to give the hatch about a quarter inch clearance. Tomorrow we start on the last two main hatch parts to complete the seal.

  • vs151010-005
  • vs151010-001

    Jack, marking out where a port hole will go on in the cargo hold.

  • vs151010-006
  • vs151010-007
  • vs151010-008

    Checking the clearance.

  • vs151010-009

    Betsy helping decide on where to put the port holes. We end up with 2 in the forward cabin, 4 in the cargo hold, 2 in the engine room and 2 in the aft cabin.

  • vs151009-005