Scuppers / Engine Hatch / Mast Partners

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The rain cleared up and got started on beautiful cool Saturday morning.   Mike Love from Annapolis and I were joined by Richard and Dan from Oklahoma City, then Jack from Tulsa and finally Kevin from Michigan.   The work consisted only a few items but complicated items that required a lot of cutting and grinding to get into shape.   It’s those little parts that jammed back in some small hole overhead that really require a lot of patience.   Because your going to work on them for days, and it’s going to seem like you got very little done.  But they are getting done.  Just keep it simple and keep moving forward.   And doing it with a great set of folks makes it all the better.

Richard and Dan Tacking

Richard teaching Dan out to tack.


Dan moving steel

Dan moving steel

Richard setting in a frame

Richard making room for a brace.

Lunch Break

Chinese Take Out for Lunch. …of course.

Kevin and Doug working on a scupper

Kevin and I working on a scupper.

Mike grinding a scupper spout

Mike grinding a scupper spout.

Kevin welding a scupper

Kevin welding a scupper

Setting the Engine Room Hatch

Setting the Engine Room Hatch

Richard welding a support Sunset Dan moving plate Richard Dan Dougn