Plans for Doors / Helm / Elevator / Aux Equipment

DougHatches, Helm, Steel Boat

The Boat the Internet build is alive and well and continues to grew. Over the past couple of weeks we have hosted an nuclear engineer, an architect, and a machinist. Each with a variety of other skills, interest and hobbies, and each with invaluable experiences and insight to share. Talk around the dinner table invariably ranges across the a diversity of fields; art, philosophy, conspiracies, religion, science, and ultimately solving a sailboat problem.

A sliding door track for the pilothouse doors that includes a rounded top door came from Greg, the architect, of Greg’s Garage


The companionway elevator track idea came from Neil the machinist.


And Bill the nuclear engineer and I worked through various ways to power auxiliary equipment from the 70 HP John Deere diesel engine currently in our air compressor and we finally settled on a hydraulic pump and motors as it lets us located the generator, pump, and compressor anywhere we like in the engine room.