Hatches – Part 2 – Companionways

DougAluminum, Cabin Tops, Hatches, Steel Boat

I think this whole thing is coming together very well and a big part of that credit goes to ME! Yup ME! I am smart enough to know that I know very little and there are a lot of talented people out there that I invite in, and bounce ideas off of, and listen to their ideas and work beside in order to create something totally new. And this companionway hatch is an example. We can add those stupid planks that you have to step over, but they will not normally be installed, and will not be just another thing that can get washed over the side. One movement and both sections of the hatch are completely out of the way. It’s strong. It’s lightweight. It’s out of the way when it’s open. It’s just perfect. And we couldn’t find another one like it. I think that speaks to our fear of not following the path. Sheep do it, cows do it. It certainly appeals to our ancient lizard brain. …but it much more fun to be outside the box.