The List

DougSteel Boat


The List – Sept 2015

People often ask, “What do you need?” and “What’s next?”.    Here’s a partial list of what needs to be done.

Outstanding Questions

1) A definitive answer as to weather of not the Allison AT545 transmission will lock into the first gear or slip. Serial # 3210627425 Part #29507181 Model: AT545 93BOT

2) Paint selection that can work best with wet blasting.


*  ROV – needs wiring harness built. There are no plans but it could be done by someone with good electronics knowledge.

*  Finish welding on the deck and cabin top.

*   Complete and mount the dragons on the pilothouse.

*   Reconnect a coolant system to the Cummings diesel engine so it can be started on its temporary mount.

*   Take apart the Suzuki 150 outboard to have a better look inside and ponder rebuilding it.

Ready to Start

*   Deck crane overhauled and a hydraulic power pack built with a 13hp diesel engine (on hand).

*   Deck crane mount built and crane installed.

*   Helm quadrant constructed and mounted to the rudder post.

*   Design and build a chain and cable helm with a 2:1 reduction.

*   Finish weld the external seams of the hull, above and below the water line.

*   Cut and install 3/8″ keel reinforcing in the forward cabin.

*   Cut and install 1/2″ bow reinforcing and forward mast step in the crush compartment.

*   Cut and install 1″ and 1/2″ reinforcing frames in the aft cabin to support the frames built into the skeg.

*   Trim the second set of propeller blades to fit the shroud, then balance both sets of blades.

*   Cast the bronze capstans for the anchor winch.

*   Fabricate the two aluminum doors for the pilot house.

Little Stuff

*   Wire the remote start for the sand blast compressor.

*   Clean out the shed.