Cabin Tops – Part 4

DougCabin Tops, Steel Boat

We had a great week, despite the heat.   David Finch delivered our day tank, and also put in welds on the cabin tops.  Jack got started on the braces for the forward cabin top.   And we are moving the last of the big sheets of steel up onto the boat.  When we put up our 23 ft tall gantry cranes we were planing on building a 65 ft boat, so now we are having to get creative in order to move steel over a 74 ft boat.

A “Day Tank” is a fuel tank often elevated about the engine which contains fuel pumped from the main tank through a set of filters.  Unused fuel pumped by the engines injector pump or “return fuel” is also cycled back to this tank.  And the tanks location in the generally hot engine room allows the fuel to warm up which makes it more easier to atomize and  burn.