ROV Hull Completed

DougROV, Steel Boat

 It’s finally coming together.  All the hull pieces are assembled and we’ve started running wires to the various components inside.   Once that is done we’ll take her to the lake; not to run but to simply see where she needs weight to trim her and make her just slightly positive buoyant.   Then comes the programming.  Fortunately Drew Morgan and Patrick … Read More

ROV Wiring, Ice Damage, and Talk about a Water Maker

DougROV, Steel Boat

Many thanks to Bart and Paul for fixing stuff around the shop.  Jim, Drew, Tim, and Ole Hermann Godø for help with the ROV Thruster.  And Cody, Bob, and a few others for contributing idea for a water distillation unit.    We appreciate all the support.   –Doug      

ROV – Remotely Operated Vehicle work continues…

DougSteel Boat

Back to the ROV, and the first job was to remake one of hull sections.   I expect that we will be modifying parts on this ROV for a long while but I have growing confidence that it will be a real game changer in that we’ll be able to reach 3000 ft with forward and side viewing sonars for … Read More