DougRudder, Steel Boat

Thanksgiving at SV Seeker is not just a holiday where we take time to be grateful for what we have.  Because we are grateful for what we have everyday.  And it’s not a big steel boat.  It’s the community that is growing around the boat.  It’s about people who embrace hard work, challenges, diversity, freedom, adventure, and friendship.

Thanksgiving is about sitting around a table with the people you love, sharing stories, being supportive, and encouraging each other to live their life to the fullest.   Unfortunately that Norman Rockwell thanksgiving is not what many of us experience.  But as I had dinner tonight with three of Seeker’s crew, that is exactly what I felt.   I felt privileged, and empowered.   Dream big, work hard, and surround yourself with good people. Absolutely.  That is the Seeker family, and that is what I am thankful to have around me.



Dave Fickle spent a career designing and testing equipment for IBM and is great help in wiring up the three camera compartment on the ROV. Also many thanks to Eddie DaGrouch for redesigning the camera mounts and making the drill guide.  The new arrangement worked perfectly.






Dave using a little heat to straighten the flange on the rudder post.










Doing the final alignment and welding on the propeller shroud.









vs151125-005Welding a cap plate onto the rudder post.  This will be drilled and tapped so the quadrant can be bolted to it.













Working out just how crooked the holes are aligned on the rudder post, so we can make the quadrant just as crooked.