Steel Sailboat Building – Catwalk, Lead, Rudder, and Dragon

DougCasting, Catwalks, Foam Sculpture, Rudder, Steel Boat

FireAbout LEAD — Comments about how DEADLY lead is will be ignored. Seeker is about assessing facts and making our choices.

Rational Precautions for Working with Lead

— It is most dangerous to the developing brain, so women who may become pregnant and children are the most susceptible.

— Transfer is commonly through dust ingestion. So have no food or drink. And avoid cutting or grinding or other activity that will create dust.

— Do not smoke as it will vaporize any dust and lead vapor will easy be absorbed in the lungs.

— Keep the molten lead below 900F/482C. It melts just over 600F/315C so just turn off the heat once the last ingot is melted.

— Control the contaminated area so it does not spread to food, water or others.

— When done, remove your work clothes and bag them.

— Take a shower before you do anything else in the house.

— Wash your work clothes with no other items.

More About Lead:

Bottom line is that lead is much safer than driving a car or eating a diet of junk food. So if you don’t panic in a car or when the doctor looks at your weight, then you have no reason to panic about working with lead. Think. Don’t let fears run your life. LIVE! You are going to die, but it is extremely unlikely that lead will have anything to do with it.