Casting Deadlights – Part 1

DougAluminum, Casting, Portholes, Steel Boat

vs151206-004Sodium Silicate Sand Rocks! Especially for the occasional casting or big casting. Traditional Green Sand requires, skill, storage, and a sand muller to recondition your sand. And the difficulty increases with the size of the casting. Sodium silicate sand uses inexpensive fine silica sand, and sodium silicate (water glass) which reacts with CO2 to harden the sand. 200 pounds of mix cost less than $30.

I’d like to thank our local Tulsa foundries for sharing their knowledge. Especially Scott and Adam at R & D Foundry and Don Doss at Metal Dynamics.

And many thanks to Seeker crew: Jack, Su, Hugh, and Paul who helped get us through the learning curve casting our first porthole deadlight.

And finally to Betsy who has been working on our new web site. You can now buy from our Junk Store and help support our work.