ROVs or Remotely Operated Vehicles are quickly making many submarines obsolete.  ROV’s and provide better visibility, go deeper, go faster, go inside wrecks, cost a small fraction of what it cost to build and maintain a submarine and if something go seriously wrong; nobody dies.

Open Source Towed Sonar ROV

Going deep and using sonar should not require tens of thousands of dollars.   Join us on making the deep reaches of the ocean more accessible. Open Source Towed Sonar ROV



Front end view of Bob


“Bob” is an easy to build ROV that can go down to 60 feet. It uses off-the-shelf PVC parts, arcade joystick, an underwater camera and bilge pumps, so it is easy to build in a weekend or two.

Read more: Building Bob



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  1. I like the Summit racing pipe separator. I also liked Mark Duncan’s design because it already pushes or pulls w/o modification. I was thinking making the cuff to grab the pipe section about 3 or 4 times longer so that it is more twist stabile therefore won’t mar the surface of the ROV. Instead of the pins to pickup the screw holes per Mark’s design (these may deform the screw holes and ruin the ROV housing, especially with the countersink of the hole), I would suggest 2 alternate ideas. Best would be to cut a subtle groove (or 2 even) on the outside of each section near each end and corresponding ridge(s) in the tool’s inner surface. Second idea would be a lining of 1/16 inch rubber for gripping the outer surface. While your at it, if your going to keep the jacking screws idea (which I like) I would do 3 not 2 as this gives you more control.

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