Tools of our trade

5x9ft Plasma/Router/3D Printer Table

5x9ft Plasma/Router/3D Printer Table

We get lots of questions regarding what tools we use and why. Step inside our shop and we’ll show you around. From our CNC table to our lathe, to our welders and plasma torch…. we’ve accumulated quite a nice supply.


Casting Metals

vs151205-002There’s really nothing like a glowing crucible of hot molten metal. From building a furnace and making the equipment, to melting down lead for ballast and fabricating propeller blades — we’ve done it! Having our own foundry has kept costs down as well as making it possible to utilize and repurpose parts that many would just toss aside.


Foam Carving


Melting out the foam core before filling with resin

We always wanted to use foam as a way to decorate the boat’s interior but when the opportunity arose to learn how to carve 3D larger than life creatures, we were all over it. Our foam carving techniques are still in their infancy although after two very large dragons, we are far from beginners. See the entire process that we’ve created to make one-of-a-kind decorations that will stand the test of time.

Foam Carving

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