Rust Converters and Coal Tar Epoxy Paint Test – 1 Year in Saltwater

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You can spend tens of thousands of dollars on paint and sand blast every square inch of steel inside and out, or you go cheap and easy and get low cost products like very old epoxy, and coal tar and use rust converters to avoid blasting inside a hull. I like cheap and easy but I also like knowing that it’s going to work. Testing is the answer.



Building A Chinese Junk – Engine Exhaust, Water Tanks, Hatches and Gaskets

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Tulsa Oklahoma is not the first place you would think of for building a steel boat, but it’s turned out to be a fantastic place to find generous, helpful and talented fabricators. Dave and Shannon spend their days working for the local refinery, and both came up through careers welding pipelines and other fabrications. Who better to custom tailor Seeker’s exhaust. And many thanks to Greg, Donn, and Bart for finishing up the cargo hold hatches.


Building a Steel Sailboat – Battery & Water Tanks, Furring Strips and more

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I’ve been listening to “The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined”  and it’s a fantastic book that uses research to dislodge that idea that we live in a dangerous world.  Every neurotic parent should read this and take the shackles off your kids.  Allow them to breath and enjoy living.  The world is abundant with kind people looking to help and share what they know.   Seeker’s crew is made up from these people.   Folks like Hobo Francis, my neighbor Bart, my girlfriend Betsy, Mike Love, Greg Stein, and you.   Thank you for your support.  Life is good.  LIVE IT.   –Doug



Screws, Latches, Anchor Winch and Bow Rollers

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I am so ready to retire. The weather is absolutely fantastic and I’m stuck in my office box. Having Hobo Francis back and listening to his stories of traveling and working outside does not help. The sea is calling. My boss tells me there is a bet at the office that says I will stay and start building another boat. I someone wants a sure thing, bet against that. 🙂