Bow Rollers, Sails, Tormach CNC and more…

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Many thanks to Will Stone and Lars Reidulff for busting the cheery on our Tormach CNC Mill.   It’s all oiled and loosened up and I’m having fun there now.  And many thanks to our viewers buying $3000 worth of raffle tickets.  Bart and I delivered a brand new 20 hp, American Rotary Phase Converter to Mike yesterday.  The rest of the money will go to getting it wired in and supplies for Mike’s shop.  You’re good people.  And if you did not buy a ticket, just go do something nice for someone.   It will make you feel awesome!

Sailboat Mast and Sails

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South Africa, Oakland California, New Zealand, Spokane Washington, and Tulsa were all represented on-board Seeker last weekend. Norway is in route and stuck in Chicago tonight. It is such a great experience to visit with such talented creators from all over the world. And many thanks you! You viewers have purchased over 600 raffle tickets to help setup Mike with 3 phase power and anything else we can get him and his new shop. We’ll have Mike’s cast iron girl friends humming again soon, and he’ll once again be cranking out parts. We really don’t need any more money, but if you really want to support Mike making parts for the boat then you can still buy a raffle ticket of my old Leatherman at our overpriced Junk Store    Thanks again. –Doug

Main Mast Pipes Joined Together

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Inspire us with your creativity. Send a photo of your project to us at You are welcome to include a watermark or your email address on the photo so you can be reached with comments and questions.

POR15 Fuel Tank Sealer – Big Boat Trailer and more

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It starts with something small.  A plaque, a painting, a bird house.  But when it draws from many minds and skills; it grows, it empowers, it spreads, and it reaches out.  We are makers.  We are Seeker.  ‘Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.’ — Carl Sagan


Ipe Deck Tiles and Equipment Bolts

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Bart and I finally finished off cutting and fitting the Ipe deck tiles. And Max flew in from Reno Nevada to finish up the grinding and tapping on all 44 deck equipment hold down nuts and complete some of the remaining welding. Live if good! We’ll be moving on to complete the fuel tanks with some POR 15 Tank Sealer.